Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lucy Lockets in the Shop!

I just loaded 10 new Lucy Lockets to the shop! Check them out and let  me know what you think!!

Huge thanks to Lori for the pictures and Ashlee and Lori for helping me make them!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Save the Tree

There was a big story coming out of Alabama last week. There were some trees being removed from Toomer's Corner. It was a big stink. You may not have heard about it if you aren't from Alabama. We take college football seriously around here. We also take tradition with those football teams very seriously! The teams I'm referring to are Alabama and Auburn. Sometimes pranks are played on the opposing team before a big game. Sometimes they are taken too far. A few years ago a man decided to poison the trees on Toomer's Corner in Auburn, Alabama. These trees have so much tradition behind the Auburn Football Family. After Auburn wins a football game, the fans will go to Toomer's and roll the trees. It's a tradition. After the Spring Game this year, the trees would be rolled for the last time. They were taken down this week. You can search the hashtag #toomerslastroll on Instagram or Twitter and see lots of pictures. I snagged this one so you could see the trees and all of the people that wanted to be a part of it. I'm telling you, we love college football here! 

So, I came home after taking the kids to school on Monday and Connor was flagging trees. This one had a flag on it. It's the Christmas Tree. (thats what we call it) I begged him not to take it down. He wants a yard to play in, you know, throw the football, baseball, etc. But, this one? Why this one? 

The heavy machinery got there to take down the trees and I asked for their support to save the tree. I told them to tell Connor it shouldn't be taken down and it worked! The tree was saved!  #thankful They started laying the sod and I realized it was going to be great. I love the way it turned out. I got to keep my tree and we have a great front yard to play in! John Connor got out and helped them, too.

After the best baseball game of the season on Saturday, we got home and wanted to hang out in our new and improved front yard. Connor went to the store for burgers and dogs and we invited friends over to play! They didn't get to throw the football or baseball because we need to let the sod root for a few weeks, so the basketball goal got put back up and the shot some hoops! Man, I love this place!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spray Paint and a Stencil

Oh, how I love spray paint! It transforms so quickly. I love instant gratification, but who doesn't?

We are working diligently on the Southern Makers event on May 4, 2013. Southern Accents is transforming the Train Station in Montgomery into a Southern Accents design! We have lots of projects to cover: the dumpster fencing, the outside bathroom walls, the stage, a workstation, and lots of little spots all over the area.

I went by Cullman Sign and Banner to hang out with Suzi. She made us a few vinyl stencils to try out for putting our logo all over the place! We chose to do one with our long logo and the other is just the monogram. After I picked through these really cool letters from the back, I took the stencils over to the Vintage Wood Warehouse where Ryan helped me find some spray paint. I was just going to find a junk piece of wood for testing and then I saw an industrial cart. Oh yeah! Who wouldn't love to have the SA monogram on an old industrial cart? I didn't clean the wood with soap and water nor did I sand it. You can imagine the texture on the cart. Vinyl doesn't stick very well to dirt and bumps, so I used a little painters tape to hold it all in place. 

It turned out really cool, I think!

The bigger logo wouldn't fit on a cart, so Ryan helped me find a really wide piece of wood. This one could not have been more perfect! I wiped it down with a paper towel and stuck the vinyl on as good as I could. The top and bottom wrapped around and that helped hold it in place. I really loved the white contrast with the wood coming through....maybe another option soon? I can paint the opposite white and have the wood showing through as the logo.

Next step spray paint. I let it sit for a few minutes and noticed the vinyl was bubbling up! I guess the spray paint is too strong. It's probably best to use roll on stain or paint.

I pulled up the vinyl slowly.......I LOVE it! It's just a clean look with the rustic wood behind it.

I have no idea why it says Cullman, Alabama on there twice. Must have been a glitch in the machine! Oh well, they are proud to be from there....so, it fits!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Point Your Toes

Meet the State Champion Level 7 13-14 year old. She scored first place in all three events! 
Look at those pointed toes! (yay)

This is her T&T BFF, Emma, or as she is called at the gym, Steve. 

These two are a lot alike in a lot of ways. I love that Farmer has Steve as a role model. She is a great girl and is going to be an amazing woman! 

I've had a blast hanging out with my girl. We have so much fun together. She thinks I'm a little weird and.....the feelings are mutual! We don't get a lot of one on one time. She's always with a friend and if she's with us...well, it's us, not just the two of us. 

Some of the funny things she's said. hashtag winner...or just hashtag anything. She's called me Jack 12 times...at least. She's working on a Doing book. It's supposed to help her be creative and do things. I had to read part of it aloud and LOVED what I read. She wanted to Vine me. 

She's not sure if she wants to keep doing T&T. The meets seem to fall on a weekend when there is something else fun going on. I wouldn't miss her meets for anything. If she wants to keep it up. I will be here every. single. time. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Home Run Hero

I had a moment last night. I guess all Mom's do and often, right?  We were at John Connor's baseball game. We got there early, so it was a long night on the bleachers. The first inning had us biting our nails. It was 2 all. We got up to bat again and our team went through the lineup almost twice. Whole new, boring game. The games usually make it to 4 innings. The time limit is an hour and 40 minutes or 10 run mercy rule at the end of the 4th. There were 15 minutes left and we were winning 12-14. Two runs or 15 minutes...which ever came first, it would be over. We had the family there! Even Grayson came to watch. He's our studly 8th grade baseball player-cousin from Trussville. They beat Oak Mountain in the area tournament on Monday night. It was their first year to play at the middle school level. Last year they didn't have a team. Let's be honest,  he was a little bored and ready to go.

Earlier that day, John Connor had been begging for a new bat. Everyone has been using "white lightning" and it was the rockstar bat. He didn't necessarily want that one (i'm sure he did). He wanted one immediately and you have to order that one. We went to Academy. He was spending his money from his birthday. I don't have a clue about bats. I didn't see one that was his size and he really didn't want any of them. We left with no bat.

Back to the game. We had a runner on 3rd. John Connor just needed a hit to get him to home. He was using his old bat. Hayden was pitching like a machine. They were fast! It was 2 balls 2 strikes. You have to swing if you get anything. He did. It was solid and went straight over the first baseman's head out to the fence! He was running so fast and we were all screaming! He was going for it. He ran around 3rd without even checking up!! He slid right into home plate and we were on our feet, throwing high 5's all around!! The umpire looked to the crowd and yelled, "Game over!". I had to control the tears. My heart was so full.

I'm so proud of him. He was so proud. Even Emma was proud! She wanted her picture made with him. LOVE these moments. So worth documenting. I think I'm still floating!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Digging the Past so Much, They Recycle it!

I'm a salvage junkie. I don't discriminate either. It can be from the 1800's or the 1950's.

I want to introduce you to Digs Design. This is a Mom and Daughter team that have an incredible eye! You will find them at any pop up flea market in Birmingham. You can also call for an appointment during the week. They are usually open in their showroom on Saturdays. It's one of those...they have cool things and you will work around their schedule kind of places! (wink)

We have been chatting back and forth on Facebook and Instagram. You know, you become friends with people through social media so much easier!! We both have this love of old and repurposed. These guys specialize in party rental and the mid-century look. If you need an industrial light or a letter to spell out something fabulous, you will find that here! They have cool and funky couches, chairs and industrial carts that you have to have. or just look at and post on Instagram!

I stalked them down at the Pop Up at Railroad park. Ok, stalking may not be the right word. I walked right up and introduced myself. We felt like kindred spirits from the start!! I wanted to go by their shop the next week, but we couldn't get our schedules together. I went by their location and snuck in behind the curtain. Yes, the curtain! They are in a huge warehouse downtown and their space is in the back. It's 10,000 square feet of vignettes that will make your heart sing! I can't wait to get back down there and start a pile and let Zade give me a price. It's fun stuff, y'all!

Who wants to go on a field trip?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Southern Makers

Alabama Cool. That's what I call all the talented people that are proud to call Alabama home. You've heard me talk about a few of them: Alabama Chanin, Billy Reid, Alabama Shakes, Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings, Belle Chèvre, Butch Anthony, he's been on American Pickers and in the New York Times! I also have a print of Amos Paul Kennedy (eek)....ok, I haven't really talked about them all right here, but you've probably heard of most of them.  A very talented new friend, Andrea Jean, has created an event called Southern Makers. I saw it on Alabama Chanin's Facebook page. When I saw all the talent that was going to be there, I KNEW I had to be a part of it. I left a message on Facebook and with Tiffany on her voicemail. It was Good Friday at 6:00pm. I didn't expect to hear from anyone until Monday. I called Garlan and told him about it. I was so excited, I could barely explain it. I knew he would want to be there, too. He checked it out that night and realized he had a contact at one of the creators. He made a call. Again, it was Easter weekend. We had to be patient. Monday, we both get emails saying the booths were full. We would be placed on the waiting list and the email list for next year. NOT ACCEPTABLE! I replied saying we would love to sponsor the event if they still needed someone. This is where the tables started to turn! Garlan had also been working on his guy. I left town and on Tuesday he sent me an email saying he was on the phone with someone in charge. Next thing I knew he was in Montgomery in their offices working out a way for us to be involved! When I got the email from Tiffany saying we would be communicating about what needs they had from us, she also told me her mom had recently moved to Birmingham and was IN THE STORE when Garlan was in her office!! She called Tiffany and told her that she had just found the coolest place and knew her daughter would love it. Yes, this was meant to be!

Fast forward to the next Sunday. Garlan and Ryan go to Montgomery to measure the spaces that we are going to help them with: the stage, the workshop area, covering 34 feet of 8ft fencing and the entrance! It's going to be a TON of work....but, so worth it! Did I mention this event is listed in Garden and Gun as something to do in Alabama in May? Well, it is!

I went to Cullman on Wednesday and walked through the store and wood warehouse to pick out all the pieces we want to use. We found doors, shutters, display pieces, tables, windows, porch posts....seriously a ton of stuff. We drew it out on a notepad, took a lot of pictures and sent it all over to Andrea and Tiffany.

Monday we all met at the store. Their team is awesome. Everyone was walking around with fresh views of the store and lots of fun ideas. It's just over 2 weeks away. (gulp) I am so excited about this event. There will be so many talented makers from all over the state. The date is May 4, 2013 2:00pm-7:00pm. I hope you all will come out and see what we create. I think it's going to be amazing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've got to quit stripping.

It's so bad for me! Plus, I'm horrible at it. I make zero money.

I'm stripping these corbels for Layla Palmer. She asked me to help her look for corbels several months ago. I found these in Tennessee and they are fabulous, but she wanted them stripped. I should have taken them to Cullman immediately. Instead, I waited until the last minute and tried to do it myself. I went to Lowe's and bought all the supplies.

I took it all over to Ashlee's....she would know what to do. We sat in her driveway: me stripping, her making some AWESOME teacher gifts. Watch her blog this week. I bet you will see them there! (wink)

I was struggling. We went inside for a sandwich and I got a phone call. It was Garlan asking me about an ad for the Southern Makers event book. I told him my dilemna. He tried to say I told you so, but I stopped him and he told me to get to the store and he would put them in the strip tank. Ahhhhh....hero!

I packed my bucket real quick and headed north!

I was planning on meeting Layla and Kevin at 3:00 to help with a project they are working on...check out this post to follow along with this particular adventure! The corbels are for something totally different! ;)

I went straight to the wood shop and Roger helped me tell Rojelio that I needed these corbels stripped. I pulled 4 out of a garbage bag and he threw them in the tank. Wow. Really? He wears and apron and these really thick long gloves so his skin won't burn. I was over there with my camera in one hand and phone in the other. Roger told me to step away from the tank! I decided one weapon at a time!

I'm not sure why Rojelio doesn't have his gloves on here. He needs to be careful! Dipping and stripping? much easier!

He was dunking them and using a bucket to pour the stripper over the corbels.

 Wow, can you believe how it just bubbles up? I just wanted to reach in and peel it all up! I can't wait to see them come out of the tank!

I left them with him and went up front to meet up with Layla and Kevin. I was surprised to see Myra, from My Blessed Life, come in! She had her sweet baby boy with her. He is SO cute! She was meeting them, too. We spent the rest of the afternoon out at the wood warehouse with Ryan finding, measuring, and pulling wood. Loaded it all up for them to take home and realized it was too late to get the corbels. We told them all about the Southern Makers event and they are planning on stopping by...so, we will deliver that weekend! A fun day. I really love helping people find their treasures at Southern Accents.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Color Inspires Me

I am so inspired by color. I think it's interesting that most would describe my style as rustic and old. While I am very inspired by rustic, old pieces, they usually have texture or color. I do love the way these old pieces can be used to make something new. Most of the time if I find a door with a bright color......I have to have it! You could say my go to color is red. I was going through my iPhoto the other day and saw some really fun, colorful photos. I thought I would share them with you!

I subscribed to the Project Life Kit from Studio Calico. March was my first kit. OH MY, I love all those little pieces that come in glassine envelopes and the cards that are all the same size. Yes, those things.

This jar. Ha, this jar is big, really big! It has been this full of flowers for several years! (wink) I might pull out one or two, but then I find a package that has never been opened and stuff it in there!

I went thrift shopping, but not with Macklemore! I went with Ashlee. #giggle 
I walked around the corner and saw all of these 45's and thought I would die! The colors and circles and organization...swoon!

The Smoking Glue Guns had a few hiccups last month; Spring Break, sick kids, and no time! I took on a huge project for March's craft and I do not know if it will ever get done...oh my. It will be so fantastic when I'm finished. I actually have two to make. They are going to be HUGE pillows for the swing bed on the front porch. Anyone want to come over and stitch down an arrow or two? ;-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunday Funday at Railroad Park

I'm a little excited about my new look on the blog! Last Friday I sat at Ashlee's house and we brainstormed and came up with a new idea....hehe. She is starting up a blog and I wanted a new look for mine. We called on our website-photographer expert, Lori and she made a little time for us today! She helped me make the cute icons on the side and I couldn't figure out how to get my logo to the right side. It was sitting on the left and driving me crazy! So, I'm in the mood to blog. New color and pop inspires me!

I had a blogger meet up sponsored by Hometalk on Thursday at Southern Accents. I had one blogger come all the way from Texas! Denise and I went to the same high school and college. She and I have been chatting for a few weeks about blogging and she decided to make the trip! It was so great seeing her. For some reason, I didn't take a photo of the group. Lisa and Denise both took pictures, but I haven't seen any of them! I guess I could've asked for one....Leah Turner drove over from Cedar Bluff, Alabama. We all asked where that is and she couldn't tell us! It was our little joke of the day. (wink) She has a house that is over a hundred years old. You can find her on Facebook at The Field House. She found several things she "needed". I think she was going to talk her hubby into coming back with her to get some of her finds. It was so nice to show them the store and all of my favorite spots. Yeah, I kinda said that every time we walked into another room. While we were at the gym, I snapped a couple of pics of the "spire" from Arkansas. This thing has gotten a lot of attention and has potential to become famous! I think it looks like a lady in a dress. It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. You know, the duster, Babette?

I picked up this piece of trim. It was from one of the houses in Arkansas. I love delicate trim. This piece is only about 6ft tall. I need to find a cool way to use it. 

On Sunday, Connor and I ventured downtown to Railroad Park. It's a new park that has had a lot of national recognition. It is a beautiful area. Our local baseball team, the Barons, will be playing in the new Regions Stadium right beside the park. We do not have a very safe downtown in Birmingham. I hope all of these new places will change that. We had so much fun checking out the park. Lots of dogs, kids and people enjoying the sunshine. It felt great to be there. There was a local pop up shop going on that day. Several vendors brought me out. I have been following Digs Design on Instagram and Facebook. They have some cool vintage finds. I talked to the Mom and Daughter owners. They have a great eye and are both so creative. I can't wait to work with them on a few projects soon! I love this yellow basket. Isn't it so fun??

A quick look at all the action that day at the park and a view of a portion of Birmingham, Alabama!

As we were leaving, we stopped to get a treat from the ice cream truck! It was the perfect ending to a very fun afternoon! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Best Vacation With Kids

We decided to take the trip to Atlantis for our Spring Break this year. John Connor is an avid fisherman. He loves anything to do with the ocean. The aquarium style vacation at Atlantis is his DREAM come true! He watched video after video on YouTube and Netflix. He was prepared. 

We were amazed at the water and grounds. The view from our room was perfect. We watched the sunset almost everyday from this spot! 

Lots of great bonding time, too. The kids swam with dolphins. They had a great experience going under water with them and then, of course, the finale was getting to be pushed by a dolphin through the water! I love seeing their faces in these pictures. So many cute expressions....

 The rope bridge was our favorite!

Snorkeling was fun, but FREEZING! We had the underwater Go-Pro. I need to get those videos together. I would highly recommend this trip for your family. Our kids are 13 and 11 and we decided it was our best vacation EVER!

If you are in need of a vacation planner, I highly recommend Main Street Memories. They have a lot of experience and know just how to make your vacation easy!