Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City

Big night! We had a pre-party at Sabrina and Jennye's house......We had cosmopolitans and lots of yummy appetizers. We all dressed up to go to the movie! It was everything I had expected. Beautiful clothes and SHOES! Carrie wore this one belt in almost every scene. It was black and had studs on it. You know you will see those everywhere this summer! They had all kinds of 80's throwbacks. Long tunics with leggings. Miranda had on one long earring in one scene! Craziness. The wedding gown......oh my! Gorgeous! and the die for!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

most inspiring

I just remembered how much I love Anthropologie. I need to get on their mailing list. I used to go to the one at the Summit all the time. I don't ever go shopping anymore! So sad. I LOVE the one in SoHo (NYC not Homewood!). It is a beautiful store. I want the floors that are in that place and I would love to have all the furniture, too! They really think a lot of it. It's a little too pricey! So, I checked out the site tonight and was so inspired immediately! I hope I doesn't send me up to the Summit tomorrow! I do not need to be spending money, right now! But look at this's so adorable! I could wear this dress.......everyday! No kidding. Look at this cute top.... the detail is so cute! Oooh, I love this one! The color green is so fun and look at those braids.....I may have to go look at this.

I tried to post the pictures here. But it wouldn't let me save them. So, sorry about having to go to another site. Sometimes that is annoying!
Lot's of good stuff over there. I signed up for the mailer. It's always very inspiring!

We had a great time at the lake yesterday. That place is beautiful! We played on the lot that has a waterfall. There is a creek that runs through the lot and then the waterfall drops into a little pool that feeds into the lake. It is picture perfect! Yes, I took pictures!

Uncle Buff cooked hamburges, hotdogs and ribs for EVERYONE! They were delish. He's always good on the grill! The kids played at the waterfall. Wow, what a great spot. I could live there forever!
This is in the creek on the way to the waterfall. The kids had so much fun discovering all the cool things in the creek. Emma wasn't too excited about the mud. She likes Smith Lake because it's not "muddy". Her cousins said she was high maintenance! How dare they? Then I heard them singing that song "she got it from her mama", you know the one by Will.I.Am. Ha, I don't think so! Just don't ask my husband! I probably am a little. I try not to be.........kinda ;-)!

The big sale is next weekend. If you are looking for lake property. I think this is the best place in Alabama, right now. There are not many people there and it is GORGEOUS! It's like this hidden little gem in Clanton! Here's the website if you want to check it..........So proud of my hubby. He's so good at finding beautiful pieces of property and making them livable! I like it when he finds it for other people. Not me! I don't want to move........again! uh-oh.....i think that sounds a little "high maintenance". oh well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have been trying to be productive this week. I can't believe school is out today! Wow, this year is flying by. I guess that's what happens when you take on more than you are used to. We did end of year parties yesterday. They were lots of fun. John Connor's was a luau. We had a sand cake. I know you have heard of dirt cake, right? This is very similar, but you use vanilla pudding and coolwhip, then add vanilla wafers crushed on top! How delightful! It was delicious, too. Cyndi, the other room mom, made it. I was so impressed. She added fish gummies to the top. How cute would that be in mini sand buckets? Let's have a beach party! Of course, I am into anything that has to do with the my brain is ticking about having a beach party at the store or maybe a crop? That would be fun, we could do layouts and mini albums and your goody bag could be a sandbucket full of scrapbooking goodness......we could have umbrella drinks and sand cake!

Ok, back to is out. This means summer is here and we need to play! I hope tomorrow is a rest day. Hanging out at home and then going to the lake on Saturday and Sunday. I am working on Monday at the store. Wow, we are going to have some fun on that day. I am going to be giving away all kinds of goodies! Next week we will find some fun things to entertain the kids and then we have VBS. I love VBS. The kids love VBS. What's not to love about VBS? I may sign them up for Farm camp the next week and then they will do Art Camp the next! I love camps, too. Can you tell? It just keeps them busy and they don't get bored and lay around watching Spongebob all day. We are having fun girl camps at the store the next week. So, lots of scrapbooking for Emma. Not sure, yet what John Connor will do. Mom, are you needing a John Connor fix that week? So, there is June, in a nutshell. Hopefully, July will be a little beach time and then.........Back To School.......I know, it sounds too quick. I think it is. They didn't ask me, though.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Photo issues

Why am I always losing stuff? I opened iphoto today to download the pics you see above and found that over 6000 were missing! OMG! What in the world? I started freaking out and skyped Brad. He kinda made me feel like I had done something stupid and that's why they were gone.........what a brat! I found them on my hard drive....yay! But why oh why aren't they in the iphoto? I tried to import them in again and it says they are already there? Does anyone out there know how to get them back in?

I played a tennis match tonight. I.......well, WE got beat. Daphney is so fun to play with, but, the girl can't hit a volley to save her life! We had a great time and I guess that's what is important. ha!

Came home had some delicious chicken off the Green Egg. It was delicious! We are watching Rules of Engagement. Funny show. They were talking about scrapbooking! how funny is that?
pretty funny........

Life seems pretty boring over here today. I should make tomorrow more fun! I'll try that.......

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Won!

John Connor sliding into home plate!
Oh my..........this is going to be interesting. John Connor's team had their first taste of real competition yesterday. We were playing the first round of the tournament and we have never kept up with the score. Well, yesterday we did! It was really exciting. All the Mom's were cheering and the Dad's are all on the field helping coach, so they were ALL telling the kids what to do.
What's funny is, we are all ready for baseball season to be over. It became a whole different animal with scorekeeping. There was one inning where we were batting and we had runners on 1st and 2nd. We hit a line drive that didn't bounce before it hit the shortstops glove, 1 out. Then the runner on 1st ran to 2nd and the runner on 2nd ran to 3rd. With all the confusion, the runner on 2nd ended up running back to 2nd from 3rd and the runner from 1st ran all the way to 3rd, passing the other runner running back! It was HILaRiouS! We were all just shaking our heads thinking this is it, we're going to lose. That's when the competitor in all of us kicked in. We will win this game. We were telling them to run as fast as a race car and they would! The other team has very good hitters, but so do we. So, it's really a matter of how many you get out. We all get to bat and we don't count the outs, but if they don't get to home plate that's one less run. We were winning by one at the end of the 3rd inning. We were all cheering, thinking we had won! The umpire said we had 1 minute left in our time and had to play another inning. What? That's crazy talk. We won and we are ready to go. He wouldn't allow it. So, we played another inning. We were up to bat first. We got 6 runs, so we are up by 7. There are 10 players and we needed to get 3 outs to win. They only had 2 batters left and we still needed one out. If both of their runners made it home, we lose. If one gets home it's a tie..........and who knows what would happen then. So, we needed to get both of them out. We did. A double play! It was AWESOME! We were jumping and cheering and then all the Mom's looked at each other...................what in the world? We have to play again on Tuesday. Oh well, it really was fun to get a taste of what it will be like next year. They will all be on the pitching machine and keeping score and only getting 3 outs and all that REAL stuff! I'm sure we will love every minute of it. Ball park people, that's what we call them. LOL

My Dad came to the game and he wanted to take the kids with him for the day. Who am I to argue? We went by the house, packed their clothes, and off they went! Connor and I loaded up the cooler with a picnic and went to the lake. I had to drive the boat to the dock. I'm not good at that! I did it and didn't break all is good!

The Waters at Lake Mitchell is going to be beautiful! There is one lot that has a creek running through it and a water fall that goes into the lake. WOW! I was ready to move. It is fabulous. There are a lot of flat lots, too. That's so nice...................coming from Smith where a lot of houses are hanging off of a cliff! I guess we will be hanging out there this weekend. Lots going on down there. Should be tons of fun. I wish I had taken my camera. I would show you a picture. I will take it next weekend and post a pic or two. Until next time........

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big plans for the weekend

We don't have ANY! Can you believe it? I love to go and go and go. It doesn't feel right not to have somewhere to go! John Connor has a game tomorrow morning at 9:00am. They are in a tournament. It will be fun. I guess it's getting us ready for next year when we will have to keep score! Now, they just hit the ball and run! Everyone gets to hit and then we have a snack! Ha, it's a little more detailed than that.........but not much!

We made some plans, of course! Connor is having a huge lake lot sale at Lake Mitchell Memorial Day weekend and the weekend after. So, we are going to take the boat and head down there after John Connor's game. I guess we will take a picnic! It will be just like old times! We used to do that always. It's so fun, too. We hang out on the boat and find a place for the kids to jump in and swim. They love it. Oooh, I just thought about lifejackets! I wonder if we have their size in the boat? I need to check that. I have never been to Lake Mitchell. I've heard it is gorgeous. We always go to Smith Lake, where you can see your toes........the water is so clear! I love that. I like to be able to see in the water. Murky water is scary! Hee hee. It will be a fun day. I think it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow.

So, do you have any big plans? School is out next week and then it's SUMMER VACATION! I don't know if I'm ready for that! I need to sign my kids up for VBS and Zoo Camp. We are planning a Scrapbooking Camp at the store for girls age 8-12. That will be lots of fun! Ok, off to make some phone calls!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Rainy Thursday

We are showing our house this afternoon! This makes me really sad. I love this house so much. We moved in almost 2 years ago and I love just being here! It took us over a year and a half to build and I put everything I had into it. I really searched high and low for the most unique and eclectic things! My powder room has a trough in it! It weighs over 400lbs. I just didn't want any old sink in there! So, anyway, I have to say goodbye to all those cool things I found. Oh well, maybe a good friend will buy it and I can come and visit! Probably the biggest thing I will miss is the pool. It's a great babysitter! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't let my kids swim without adult supervision, but I can get a lot done while they are entertained by the pool! I just hang out on the porch and work!

Obviously, there is no swimming today! Can you believe how much rain we are getting? It is just coming down steadily. It makes for a great nap! Maybe I'll take one about 11:00pm tonight! ha! My dog doesn't like being outside when it's raining. She's so funny! She stands at the door and just paws at it. John Connor just let her in. Hopefully she will go curl up and dry off!

I hung out at the store today with Vanessa. I wish I could be in there more often. It's amazing how things change! There are things that I didn't even get to touch and they are GONE.....I'm sure they went to a good home. To someone who will make something beautiful out of them! That is probably the best thing about buying this company. I have really wanted to create! I don't have time, but I want to! I got the kit for June today and I am planning on making something FABULOUS! I hope I'm not too intimidated. There is a lot of pressure to make it something really cool so that you all will want to buy a kit and make something, too!

Have a great Thursday...........School is out in exactly one week! What will we do all summer? My vote is move to the beach, but you probably already knew that! Who wouldn't want to hang out with these hot surfer's?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a New Day!

I have been working on this blog. It has been fun! I moved away from the iWeb one. It was fun to play around with and learn how to use. This one is going to be better......I'm sure! I like the fact that you can comment. Not sure why, I guess I want to know if anyone's reading! Ha. I hope to do more work on it in the next few days.

I definitely want to be inspired by this. If you have any links of what inspires you.........please share! I know there are a lot more things and people that inspire me. I will work on those links and make sure I put them all up here!

This will be a bit more personal than the blog for Scrap ETC. I will try and keep them separate. This way I can be myself here and let you know all the happenings for the store, kits, and events on!

I am watching Justin Timberlake's Future Sex Love Sounds HBO special. That inspires me! I'm sure there are plenty of you who think that is crazy and many of you know that I heart him! It's all about bringing sexy back!

I've been doing a little scrapbooking tonight. I know.......shocker! It's pretty easy when you have adorable pictures to choose from! We took a lot at the beach last week. We had so much fun........playing putt-putt, burying the kids in the sand, watching the surfers (wink), and eating ice cream. This was a real treat! Thanks to my good friend, Brittney!
John Connor enjoyed it! Even though he looks a little out of it. I don't think it is the ice cream.......I think it is a mix of sea, sand, salt and chlorine, not to mention being oh so tired!