Sunday, December 27, 2009

A peek into our holiday.......

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jumping on the furniture

Isn't this what we are told not to do? Does anyone know WHY? Besides the fact that you could get hurt.......cause you can pretty much get hurt walking around, right? I just can't tell my kids not to do this. Look at the fun they had! They were taking the pictures of each other. Their faces are priceless. I knew they were doing it. I didn't see the pictures until later that day and laughed out loud when I saw them. It gets a little annoying after a few minutes, but just because our mother's told us not to, that's not the best reason. So, go jump on the furniture!

There are like 3 days until Christmas and I have bought or made and wrapped about 5 gifts. My list is a lot longer than that! I am such a everything I do. It's a really bad habit. I have a ton of things on my list to make! hahahaha It's 3 days away! Yikes!!

Did a little shopping today. Got a few gifts. Luckily, we have a brother on the Alabama football team....yeah, that's pretty cool. He's gonna get a few things signed for us.....I bet you hope you are on that list, don't ya? It makes my job a little easier. Not so easy for him. I guess it's pretty annoying to sign your name a million times. I hear they all sit around in the locker room and just pass them back and forth. Can't you just see them...all in a big circle, with their heads down? I'm sure they hate Sharpies and white footballs with the A on them! I never even thought about the benefits I would reap from him being on the team. Love that guy!

This year has been a much more relaxed season than last year. I was in the store all day and didn't want to do anything when I got home. I just had no creative desire! I have made a few things so far. I got some vinyl scraps from a friend and made a few buckets to fill with toys and ornaments. They turned out really cute! I have plans to make t-shirts and scarves, homemade Alabama A crayons, a few scrapbooks for gifts and animal bracelet earrings. Ok, that last one is really easy and will only take about a second to put together! I guess I should wait to post pics so there is still some element of surprise when they are opened! And no, Mom, you aren't getting animal bracelet earrings. Do not worry!

We started Christmas yesterday. Connor's family Christmas at Momba and Papa's house. It is really so fun to me! I love all the people and the drama. There is a lot of drama! Not bad drama, just over reacting to stuff drama!! They all like to talk.....a lot and LOUD! It's always so much fun to see everyone. There are 44 people in this family. I'm talking Momba and Papa, their 4 kids, who all have kids and have created 15 great-grandchildren! The house is packed and there is tons of yummy food and lots of presents even though the adults do not exchange and the kids draw names! Can you believe we didn't take a group shot??? We were missing a couple, but still. We did try to get all the greats on the balcony with their heads coming through the railings (that are too big and they could all fall through). I couldn't get the shot. I had my 50mm lens on...bummer.

Sorry about all the ramblings. I just felt like blogging. I have done a million other things in the meantime.....class parties, tennis tournaments, triathlon training, setting up Daphney to go to NYC without me, planning a trip to San Diego (and Pasadena), been on tv for the Spotted Zebra, had a Christmas crop and an ornament swap party at my house, went to my Mom's for a girls weekend, ran in the Jingle Bell Run, and even went to Montgomery to see A Christmas Story!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting in the spirit!!

My upside down Christmas Tree. I love this funky thing! I have had it for several years and every year it still makes me so happy! It's just bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom! I have big paper flowers and Christmas balls hanging from the limbs. It's a very happy tree!

This is a close up of the flowers. They have a styrofoam center covered in tiny beads. I just wrap them around the trunk with the florist stem.
I played in a tennis mixer last Friday. We had so much fun! It was for Toys for Tots. All we had to do was bring a toy for the kids and we got to play tennis with friends and eat yummy lunch from Taziki's! It was pretty chilly. I stayed warm with my elf socks. I liked them 'cause they were pretty festive, too!
I found the coolest tree on Elsie's website. I had to have one. I commissioned a friend to make one for me. I knew he would have the coolest wood for this project! The original had fishing lures on it.....not really my thing. I had my friend send me some door hardware, keyholes, doorknobs, a house number and keys! I also added some cranberries, a star and old postcards from my stash! If you want one like mine, you can check out Southern Accents. A very inspiring place!
Here you can find the original tree.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decking the Halls

I do love to decorate for Christmas. It is, by far, my FAVE holiday. There is nothing like it. It gets a little frustrating pulling out the "pre-lit trees". I mean, they only worked the first year that we had them. UGH! I can't stand all of those strands of lights that do not work on my tree. How do I get them off? They are wrapped around so perfectly and tightly, I can't remove them........well, I could, but it would take away from the actual decorating time. We got 3 trees up this strand works on the upside down tree, one strand on the "big" tree and 4 branches on the dining room tree. I know, it's kinda obnoxious to have that many trees. I have 3 more....upstairs. One in each of the kids rooms and one in the upstairs's in a window and I love it! It's flocked with big, bright lights and fun candy-like ornaments!! I can't wait to get up there and get it out.

So, I did take some pictures of my Christmas closet. Yes, I have a Christmas closet. It is on the main level and it was a "must" for this house. That and a laundry shoot! I sacrificed having a pantry for this closet! My builder thought I was crazy. Maybe so, but at this time of year and when it all has to come down...I am VERY thankful to have this closet so conveniently located. It's not big enough for Halloween, Easter, 4th of July, or birthday stuff, but it holds ALL of my christmas rubbermaids and 3 of the trees....wait...not ALL, there is a closet and attic upstairs that holds the upstairs decorations! I guess you know what I will be doing for the next few days.

After John Connor's Thanksgiving program tomorrow morning and hanging out with some of my fave peeps (hint: we will be working on Wrapper's Delight Version 2.0), and a meeting....I will work on my Christmas decor. Wednesday, I have a triathlon that morning and then, if I survive, I will "hopefully" finish getting it all together! Thursday, we eat ALL day. Friday, boot camp and heading south to Destin!! I can't wait. Can someone work on some really nice weather for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ok, well.....didn't work out to well on the Fall Cleaning! hehe. I did flip my mattress the other day!! Have you done that lately? It will make a difference! My house is a complete mess. I guess I will be cleaning today!
I did take some very fun pictures at Aldridge Gardens on Wednesday!

Have a great Sunday! It looks like it will be a beautiful one!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Cleaning!


Ok, I have a reason to blog....I guess. It's so sad how Facebook totally took over all of my updating the world....haha!

My mom has been very upset and wonders why I never "send" her pictures anymore. I don't think these will be pictures she is interested in. Well, maybe she will. She is always trying to get me to clean out my junk.

Several girls I know are doing this thing called, "Fall Cleaning". It's been pretty inspiring!

I didn't do any cleaning yesterday....well, a little laundry, but I don't think that counts. What DID I do yesterday? Ok, so today, it was raining really hard all day and I was pretty bored! I was feeling a little inspired to do some crafting, but was very, very afraid to walk into my studio/crafty room!! Then, it hit me! I could clean something out up there! hehe I walk into the room and my closet door was open.....WOW.... that place is a mess. Who knows what is even in there! So, here I go...........

Before side one.
Yikes! Did I just throw everything in here and walk away? Who knows what goodness I will find!

This is the other side....fabric anyone?

This just makes me want to sigh with relief! It wasn't that hard....Just a little straightening and throwing some things away and putting things in their place! Still lots of junk.....Lots of new ideas for projects for sure!
I had to fold and fold and fold for this to look neat! It was so fun though. I love fabric and some of it was from clothes I made for Emma when she was a tiny little thing and would wear what I wanted her to! Some is fabric for window treatments that never got made or were made and I bought too much fabric! Oh, and I found some fabulous trim that I can't wait to play with....I think I feel the need to sew!

Here's what they are doing: (I hope to do more....we'll see!) If you join in....maybe I will!))
  • make a plan each day to be for each room or cleaning/decluttering project.
  • take before & after pics and post 'em on your blog each night, along with which room you are doing the next day.
  • come back to my blog and post your blog entry to a linky thing (this way you can check out everyone elses' progress to keep ya motivated too!)
  • join in, even if you can only do something for 15 min. (EVERYONE can spare 15 minutes of straightening, throwing out something, cleaning up something, etc. and you'll feel so much better for it!)
  • keep in mind- this is not a competition. this is not going to earn your righteousness or give you the "woman (or man!) of the year award"! this is just a chance to tackle a few projects around home with the encouragement of friends.
  • BEWARE: don't get sucked into the deadly disease of Magazine Cover-itis! ;)
If you want to play along just post a link to your blog in the comments!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

LOTS of summer pictures!!!

We have been on the go all summer. It has really been so much fun. I think I have been in Destin more nights than Birmingham. I don't even know if I can do a quick recap without leaving A LOT out!

John Connor and I are watching Spongebob this morning and baking brownies. Where's Emma? Well, she has been gone more than we have! She is at her Mimi's this week. Maggie went with her. They are helping out at the restaurant! Yikes, that is a long time. I feel like someone else has custody of her and I should be paying child support.

I have been working as little as possible. YAY! Scripts kits have been going out each month. I have several really good helpers and they make it really easy for me! Thanks Lisa and Carol!! So, I just make sure everything is here and they get it packed and shipped! I haven't been scrapbooking much at all. Last night I went down to the "store" and organized a little. I got everything together for the August kit and went ahead and spread it all out on the table! I need to order cardstock, but everything else is here!! So cute and FUN!!

I am going to CHA. Leaving on Sunday! I can't believe it's here. It has snuck up on me. I really can't wait to see all that new merchandise! It's in Orlando this year.....I'm sure we'll stop by DisneyWorld....I mean, Brittney and Kristin are going....we will go to Disney! Taking those two with me should guarantee that I will see a celebrity. They are like magnets! Ahhhh all that inspiration is sure to get me in the crafty mood. Not to mention when we get back, school is right around the corner and there will be a schedule!!

Update on the house. We still haven't sold it. I guess we will be back at Oak Mountain in the fall. The kids are very happy about it. I can't decide how I feel. I really don't want to move, but it is going to happen eventually. I'm a little worried about them having to change schools right after school starts or even a whole year from now. I know, kids adapt....they'll be fine! I just hate for them to be anxious about it or worry. They shouldn't have to do that! So, we're still here on Brook Green lane hanging out at the pool and playing tennis!!

I'll post some pictures of our summer fun. They all tend to look the same........John Connor with sand on his face and Emma with the sky in the background and her freckles smiling back at me! I love summertime!!!

Going through the pictures, I am remembering things!! We did get to go to the lake before we sold it. Oh man, that place is full of so many memories! We built it back in 2004. John Connor was so little. We would always go and feed the fish, go to the sand island and to the water falls! Riding the tube and watching all the crazies over at Chuck's house........cousins and friends hanging out for the 4th of July and many midnight boat rides!! Do you feel a lake scrapbook coming on? I should really work on that one.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guess where I'm going tomorrow!

If you can't guess.....well, I don't know if I'll even tell you. It's my happy place.
I have neglected this little blogger. I know there are SOOO many of you out there that are just flat disappointed that I don't update daily! haha We have been super busy and I haven't made the time!
So here is a recap in pictures.

Emma and her 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Russell at the Sock Hop!
Bianca and Emma after winning the Kickball tournament!
Mrs. Hooper (formerly Ms. Bishop) and John Connor...our fave 1st grade teacher!! of my newest bff's. So glad she is in my life!
Hanging out at CKU
Aaron taught me everything I know on the dance floor!
Dance competition

hanging out with family and friends!
John Connor is playing where's waldo in this pic.
I had no idea he was there until I was looking at this one afterward!

Friday, May 29, 2009

This girl's the bombdiggity

and I totally stole that phrase straight from her!

Go check out this adorable etsy shop. My cute crafty friends, Gretchen, Virginia and this talent, Katie, put their marvelousness out there for sale for everyone to enjoy. Katie made some really cute necklaces...she is a jack of all craft trades. I LOVE them! She came in with one on the other day that I almost ripped off her neck! It was so cute. I totally want a couple of these for layering. I love the daintiness of them. I love tiny necklaces that look as if they are floating around your neck. You should get one of these quickly! I am sure they won't be there for long!!

The Energizer Bunny

I don't know when life will ever really slow down. Honestly, I don't think I will let it! I can't stand to NOT have something planned. I thought closing the store would slow my life down.....not yet!
I got everything out of there Wednesday afternoon, went to my dance lesson afterward, had dinner with Connor, came home and packed for Nashville. Got up on Thursday morning at 4:30am and left at 5:00am, drove 3 myself......followed Tim Holtz and Mario around ALL day, then hung out in this fabulous girl's room until almost midnight! Got up early this morning......totally losing track of the days. Hung out with Margie as she taught an incredible Scenic Route album. Helped Elizabeth Kartchner with her gorgeous album till 5pm......Dinner with Margie, Debbie, Tim and Mario at a cozy little table in an italian restaurant in the musty Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Sorry, I don't get it. I hate this hotel.
Heading back to Birmingham tomorrow. I have my big dance competition on Sunday. Crazy fun. I can't wait! I actually am dreading it a little. I don't want to mess up or step on Aaron's feet! (my dance partner) I am supposed to wear really heavy makeup.....not good at that. Maybe even fake eyelashes! Dude, I really need to get home early tomorrow! I need a pedicure, some fake tan lotion to cover up my tan lines on my back, and a lesson in makeup application. I have to be at the Marriott on 280 at 10:15am. It's an all day affair!
Monday can't get here fast enough!
I won't even go into what I have to do then. You have to be bored out of your mind already!
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love Hostess with the Mostess

I should've come up with Hostess With the Mostess. It is so fun! I love reading the blog. I love to plan parties!! I will definitely be planning more parties now that the store is closed. I think I will have these at my next party. Who wants to come?

I found these recipes here. You should check out this site. Give yourself a little time. I remember when Virginia sent me the link. I was on there for hours!!

Margarita Cupcakes
(from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World)

1/4 cup lime juice
1 1/2 tsp lime zest (1 lime)
1 cup soy milk (plain or vanilla)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp tequila
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup sugar
1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350F. Fill a 12-cup muffin tin with liners.
In a large bowl, mix together lime juice, lime zest, soy milk, oil , tequila, vanilla and sugar.
In a small bowl, mix together flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Add to lime mixture and stir until just combined. Divide evenly into muffin tins.
Bake for 20-24 minutes, until a tester comes out clean and the cakes spring back when lightly pressed.

Turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely before frosting.


Tequila and Lime Frosting
1/4 cup butter or nonhydrogenated shortening, softened
1 tbsp soymilk
3 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp tequila
2+ cups confectioners’ sugar
coarse sugar for “rims”

Cream together shortening, soymilk, lime juice, tequila, and 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar. Add in more sugar as needed to make frosting stiff, but spreadable.

Spread on cupcakes and roll the edges in a small amount of coarse, colored sugar (poured into a small bowl, so it’s easy to direct it).


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We didn't have big plans for this weekend. John Connor had his last regular season game.....we lost. It's so sad. We didn't win ONE game all season! We were so close on Saturday. We came back from 11-2 and the final score was 18-17....we just couldn't pull it out. Poor guys. A couple of them were sad, but for the most part, they were just a bunch of 7 year old boys on to the next thing!
My mom came in town for the weekend. I am so glad she came here! I would've felt bad about not going to see her. She came in for the game and afterward we went to my nephew, Carson's, game. He won. Yay! As soon as we got home, we loaded the car and headed to the lake. We hadn't been there in over a year! I forgot how much I love it there. It's so peaceful and quiet. It rained the entire time we were there. I didn't mind, I got some scrapbooking done! We took several pictures and printed them. We made magnet frames for Mother's Day gifts. I made my mom some stationary. We were productive! On Sunday we got up and had a fabulous breakfast cooked by the dad's. The boat ride ended really quickly when it started raining on us! It wasn't warm enough to be out in the rain! The kids really wanted to go and feed the fish. We usually head over to Rock Creek Marina and feed crackers to the giant carp. I think we've decided to go back for Memorial Day weekend. We may spend a lot of time up there this summer! It is so nice. Connor loves to grill out and watch the sunset! As always, there's an open invitation for anyone that wants to join us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Home from the big Scrap ETC event. Wow. Major high from that! I can't even tell you how inspiring it is being around so many people that have one major thing in common, scrapbooking! We all become instant friends when we meet. We are all sentimental and love creating. It's so refreshing. I had so much fun with everyone in Atlanta.

My roommate and I got horrible colds or allergies. We were both snoring every night. I think we got a total of 12 hours of sleep in 3 days! Of course, we didn't try to go to sleep before 3am. We were up at 6am every morning! I can't say it was hard. It wasn't. It was so easy! I don't know if it's the organization of everyone, everyone doing what they were asked to do, or the fact that we had the perfect amount of volunteers for the amount of attendees.

I don't know how many people said this was a top-notch event. The best some had ever been to! I even had 2 people say it was in line with Creative Escape and CKU! Those are like the 2 events that everyone knows about and tries to get into! Wow. I just can't believe how perfect it was!!Align Center

We started planning another one at 7am Sunday morning. Brittney and I were driving the Metro truck home to Birmingham. I think we have the basics down and we set up a meeting with the place yesterday!! It's in the works! I can't wait to let the news out about it. It's very out of the box, but something so many people will be ready for!

I'm glad to be home. My family has really missed me. Not like, "mommy, I miss you", but things have gone undone and it's starting to reel out of control. I'm glad I can be home and get everything back under control. Thankfully, school's out in less than 3 weeks! Control will be by the pool!! That is the best babysitter for me! My kids live in the pool.

I don't know how I would have pulled off this successful event without all the people on my team. It's unreal how these girls have a passion for scrapbooking and want to be a part of something great. I'm so glad to have them all in my life and hope to be life long friends. A quick rundown of their names, they deserve that much! Lisa Tanner, Carol Snyder, Nubia Posey, Amy Nabors, Amy Steenwyk, Pat Bullard, Tina Lindsey, Gretchen McElveen, Virginia Tillery, and Brittney Smith. Thanks so much to all of you. I'm tearing up thinking about how blessed I am to have you all in my life. YOU are all incredible women! xoxo

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what up

Hey. I am here. just super busy with too much to say! I found this quote and found it very, very true of my life right now. I feel like giving up and then......this...

B. D. Gulledge : I used to sit on the banks with a raft and watch the water roll lazily by. One day I pushed my raft into the shallows of the water and found the water moved swifter than I thought. My raft was actually a boat. Then, after some time, I rowed my little boat into deeper water. There were great storms, mighty winds, tremendous waves, and sometimes I felt so alone. But I have noticed my little rowboat is now a mighty ship manned by my friends and loved ones; and beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, and nights filled with comfortable dreams always double after a storm. Now, I could never go back and sit on the bank. In fact, I search for deeper water. Such is life when lived.

Thanks to everyone that supports me. I know there are more than I ever think to thank. So, here's to all of you. Thanks so much! I really, really appreciate it. Wouldn't life be dull on the banks? I'm so glad I'm out in the middle, learning lessons everyday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancin, Dancin, Dancing Machine!

I am totally addicted to my dance lessons at Fred Astaire! I signed up for 10 more lessons last night! The bad thing is I can't watch Dancing With the Stars! I guess I need to add it to the DVR list. I really don't need anymore incentive to dance. I would love to watch them just for tips! haha...I don't know when I will ever dance like they do on the show. One of Scrap ETC's customers, June Graham, was in a competition last weekend in Memphis and she won all of her dances! How cool is that? My instructor, Aaron, won his dances, too! I think every dancer that went from our studio won! Aaron told me that June's hubby, Dave, won overall best male dancer!! She didn't tell me, I hope that's right!!

My kids are at my Mom's...what would I do without her? We took them up on Saturday. We had a birthday party for my cousin, Andy. Emma, John Connor, Carson and Caroline all stayed with Mimi! Dana is going to pick them up today! She is meeting Mom half-way.....thank goodness! I wouldn't have been able to get them until LATE tonight! I know they have had a blast. I can't wait to hear all about their fun. We are going to the beach tonight. I.can't.wait!!! It's finally gorgeous outside! I have been waiting on the sun to shine for more than one day. I think it's going to be a great week. I know it's going to be so busy with all the spring breakers......good people watching!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I love an easy tag

I'm not good at those that I have to think about. I pulled up the 6th folder and found the 6th photo and here you go! Thanks Gretchen for tagging me....
Two of my most favorite people in the world....Ashlee and Marisa. I don't know what I would do without Ashlee's unconditional love and Marisa's honesty. They keep me straight! Love You !!
Here are the rules: take the 6th folder and the 6th picture and blog it. Then tag 6 people to do the same! I'll tag....Misty, Courtney, Kristen, Ashlee, Jennye, Marisa

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My baby is turning 7.........

How has this happened? I'm pretty sure just yesterday we were hanging out in our pj's while Emma was at school all day. He was 4!! We would snuggle and watch Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Club House. We always had so much fun on the days he didn't go to MDO. We would go to the zoo and take classes and learn all about the animals. We shopped and played at the park. Sometimes we would stop by Scrap ETC and check out all the new stuff!!

I tell him all the time that I don't want him to get bigger. He agrees. He wants to stay little and be the cute kid that everyone laughs at. He is the life of the party most of the time. Everyone laughs at him and he loves it!! He has a such a fun personality. I hope he will continue to express himself that way! He is very loving and caring, but also very spoiled!! Everyone spoils him. He can pretty much get anyone to do things for him. He is the Shiny Shark at school this week and Emma completely did his poster for him. He just watched and wiggled around while we picked out pictures. Emma decorated it like a champ!!Just look at those long skinny legs and toothless grin....

I know he will grow up to be a great guy and he will continue to surround himself with great people. I can't wait for him to succeed. I just want to be able to savor every moment of it..........

Friday, February 27, 2009

No time for blogging. Actually, I have been doing a fair amount of blogging at Scrap ETC. Working in the store keeps me busy!! I love hanging out with the customers. It's so fun to help them find the perfect thing for their project. I have officially become addicted to the AccuCut machine! Wow, I knew it was great, but with all the dies we have....I could cut all day!

I have started several projects and haven't completed one. That's my problem! I will start something and never finish. I love people that can accomplish a task. I have several of those kind of people in my immediate circle. Daphney can get more done in one day than I can get done in a week! She never stops and never lets anything stop her!

Brittney is a ball of fire! She was coming by the store yesterday to bring my Flip video camera. I called and asked if she was planning on staying for 5 minutes or an hour. Thankfully, she gave me an hour. The back room at the store looked like a bomb had gone off. After an hour, she had it all cleaned out and organized!! I mean, that deserves BIG thank yous!! I can't do that.....I tried and all I ended up doing was moving all the piles from one place to another!!

The best one is my MOM! She is always bossing me around. I guess she thinks it's her job since she is my mom, but come on...I'm 30-something! It drives me crazy, but we can get some good organizing and cleaning out done when she is here. I really appreciate all the help she gives me. She was here a few weeks ago and we cleaned out my attic. A place I hadn't been in since I moved in 3 and 1/2 years ago. She took a truck load home to sell in a yard sale! She was back this weekend for my niece, Caroline's birthday and we cleaned out the basement.....another place that had not see the light of day in 3 and 1/2 years! I actually found a bag full of scrapbooking stuff down there! Our Disney album!! Who knew? I guess I have so much in my studio, I didn't even miss it! So very sad. Well, we cleaned out that basement and my laundry room......It's all very neat and organized now!! She is very giving. I'm so lucky to have her. We have plenty of times that we don't agree, but she is the best mom for me! love you!!
I guess surrounding yourself with people that have different talents than you is the key to balance. I'm not sure what I do for the mix.

Last night, Emma had a patriotic program at school. It was a great program! She had a speaking part about the Liberty Bell. I was so proud of her! She didn't get the part until Tuesday and had it memorized before she went to bed that night! Yes, she is a smart kid!! I'm so proud of her!

I'm at the beach....planning on running a half-marathon in Seaside.....cross your fingers that I cross the finish line! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's been awhile. I have been covered up with stuff since CHA. It was a very productive. I love that it was work AND so much fun! We have so many new things coming in to Scrap ETC. It's so fun to get new product in. American Crafts came in on Friday and we have lots of cute new Thickers. Who doesn't love Thickers? Jenni Bowlin came in early last week. They are always so good at getting their new stuff out ASAP! I love the pearl buttons. They are so dainty and sweet!! They look like candy and even have food names......blueberry, cantaloupe, cream cheese, marachino....I want them to smell.....I'll have to talk to Jenni about that!

John Connor signed up for baseball. He had tryouts a couple of weeks ago and we found out his team, the Cubs! I guess we'll be at the park every Saturday in the Spring! Emma is growing makes my stomach hurt! She is finally thinking about what she wears everyday! I worried when she wanted to wear the same t-shirt and jeans everyday and now, I worry about why she wants to wear a skirt and leggings and a raggedy old jacket!

We are working on Valentine's for class parties. Of course, we will use one of the Accucut dies and make something fabulous! One of the customers came in today and I showed her the houndstooth paper for her son's valentines. He's 10 and didn't want it to be too girly! We cut out some red footballs and using the houndstooth's adorable! I guess I'll let John Connor do that, too! Roll Tide! I think Susu came in last week and pointed out how cute that would be. It is...thanks, Susu!!

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to download my pictures from my camera and get some new pics on here. Till then.....have a good one!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CHA Week

Oh wow!! We have had so much fun this week in California. I do have to say that we were a little disappointed in the weather. The sun has been shining, but it has been COLD!!!! Brrrrrrrr.

We have seen so many wonderful new products for scrapbooking. Anything from tulle to TOOL cleaner, New Hambly screenprints to a screenprinting machine!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!! Fabulousnesssss. I'm thinking this screenprinting machine from ProvoCraft is HOT! Gretchen, Brittney and I all made, yes made, ourselves a t-shirt!! I need this machine. Really, I do! You can create your own design, then you heat the design onto something cool and then you scrape the ink onto the t-shirt.....Oh my, oh MY!

I had some REALLY, REALLY great appointments today! We are working on so much for our Scrap ETC event, Scripts Kit club and Scrap ETC...the store!

Making Memories and Margie Romney-Aslett WILL be at the Scrap ETC Event.........with a really cool project and the newest Making Memories release!!! Seriously, people....this is going to be cool!

Glitz Design has some precious new Glitzers! You WILL be seeing these in an upcoming dose of our monthly kit club, Scripts. Not too mention several other new, really cute products.

Goodness did you see those Sassafras felties? The new buttons are so crafty...I need them on everything........EvErYthinG!! Bella Blvd. is one of our FAVORITE new lines. We have a video on the ScrapETC site with the owner. She is so cute!!! So young and hip and really has it together. This is one to watch! Jillibean Soup is another adorable new line we found......So warm and cozy. All the lines are named after soups! We bought a cute is that?

We were so disappointed not to see October Afternoon in person, but I will call and place an order when we get home. I know how much you all love this cute line!

We have several videos from the show of all the booths. We are posting to the Scrap ETC blog daily and we will get as many pictures up as soon as we can.

This has been a VERY successful trip and we got to go to Disneyland today! I got in free because it was my birthday!!! It really was fun. We rode Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones Adventure was so cool.

Just a few loose ends to tie up in the morning and we will be on our way home.

See you Thursday in the store!!! Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Head over Heels mini album

I made 4 layouts with the SCRIPTS kit and then I wanted to make a mini album for my hubby for heart day! I didn't have the AccuCut machine, which would have made this a little easier. So, I tried making an album using what I had on hand. I grabbed a needle and some floss and stitched each page into the cover! The cover is 12x5 and I just folded it with a space to put all the pages. Then I went through my computer and pulled all the pictures of Connor and I into a file, printed them on my Epson Picture mate in wallet size and started sticking them down! I took the rest of the scraps and embellishments and made it cute! Some of the papers I used are from the add on kit......sorry, it's sold out! I loved seeing all the old pictures and remembering some fun times! Sorry the pictures are so bad. I really need a lesson on how to use my camera.....Thank goodness there is one at ScrapETC on Jan. 31st! Check out this post for more info.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fresh Start!'s so nice to clean out and get organized, isn't it? My sweet momma came to Birmingham this weekend and we worked on cleaning out my junk. I have a lot of it.......a lot!!

We started by her babysitting and Connor and I going to a friends 30th birthday party! Not a good start to the organizing, but lots of fun!

We got down and dirty on Saturday. We started in the attic. An attic that I haven't been in since the mice were staying with us. I couldn't believe all the stuff that was in there! A beautiful Christmas tree that didn't get put up.....and lots of cute ornaments that go on it. I also found lots of old pictures and cards.....I love to reminisce! My mom kept me on track. I would've sat there all day just going through every card. We cleaned out kids clothes boxes. Do you do that? You clean out their stuff and can't get rid of something because they were so cute in it.....the one time they wore it before growing out of it? Then a couple years later, it means nothing? Give it away! Well, she is having some monster yard sale at her house in Tennessee. Supposedly, thousands of people come through. Maybe I'll make some money! We filled her truck with some of my old junk......she looked like the Clampets pulling out of my driveway on Sunday! I say "some" of my junk.....she will probably come back and fill her truck again! I guess this is the one good reason to move. Get rid of stuff! I felt so good when she left. We really accomplished so much. I was supposed to get to the craft room....I swear there is more stuff in my craft room than in the store!! I should just move all of it to the store and sell it there! When she left, I did go in there and try to clean up a little. All that did was get me in the mood to scrapbook! So, I did a couple of pages and made a little album for my friend of her birthday party......I've got to get that to her! I guess I should take some pics and post them...i say that all the time, don't I?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Have you seen the movie...Four Christmases? My version

I have started and erased this post 3 times. Can't figure out what I want to say...Here are the rest of our pics from the Holidays. We had a very fun and busy 2 weeks. Time to go back to work and school!!!

Susu's house on Tuesday

Aunt Fay's house on Thursday
Papaw and Nannie's house on Thursday afternoon
Mimi's house on Friday!
It was a whirl wind...we are home.....get back on track!