Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh the windows for Anthro

I found these on the Anthropologie facebook page. They are windows from the Washington DC, Marlton, NJ, Charlotte, NC and and Skokie, IL stores. Oh my word. Aren't they to die for? I can't believe how beautiful they are. There is so much detail. I will have to keep these for inspiration for the windows at Southern Accents! Do you think they would let me make paper dresses to put in the windows? How could I make that relevant to old architectural pieces?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A day full of rest!

I was incredibly lazy today. I don't know when I've not moved from the couch! I know it has to do with the weather and the time of year. I went to Southern Accents yesterday and re-did the windows. They are having a HUGE mantel sale!! So, we took down Christmas and put up MANTELS! It was fun....except for the dust! I have never seen as much dust as in that place.....did I mention I'm allergic? Yeah, seriously! I knew when I was watching it fly through the air, that I would not be able to breath long. By the time I went to bed last night, my throat was itchy and sore and my eyes were red and puffy! I woke up this morning and felt like my head weighed 400 pounds. So, I did nothing. Well, I did a little computer work. I also talked to someone about a tv show! Ooh, I was really excited about that! I have nothing to share, yet.....but, maybe soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's hard to post when it's not perfect.

Do you feel that way? I need to change the picture on the top of my blog. That's why I haven't blogged this year. It's only been 4 days, but hey, it's 4 days of 2011 that I haven't shared anything with you!! So, instead of worrying about what my header looks like, I decided to post something. Even if it's nonsense!

This was our Holiday photo card for 2010. I had a sweet little pic of my littles faces on the back. Ashley Warren took this photo at a fabulous warehouse downtown. I loved so many of the pictures. I think I will have to buy a photo book of about 20 of them!!
My 2011 OLW is Commit. I already feel like I've not committed to certain things. I haven't committed to blogging for one. I was a little worried about my workout routine, but I've got that under control...whew! I am going to commit to my tennis game. I have been stuck at the same level since my second year of playing. I think it's been 5 years now! That's too long to be a 3.0. I thought I was going to get bumped up to a 3.5 level this year. Didn't happen. Probably because I was waiting on it, instead of committing to it!! I totally want a pair of those Nike ID shoes that say COMMIT on the back of them. You know, like Melanie Oudin? She is the cutest USA tennis player!

side note: do you LOVE the "Roll Tide" commercial? It's totally an ESPN commercial and I'm watching football right now. Even if I weren't an Alabama fan, I think I would LOVE it! I never say "roll tide" unless I'm at a football game and they make a first down. I do love to hear it and love the tradition of it all!

Ok, back to commit. Maybe I should commit to saying Roll Tide more often? haha! not going to happen..... A couple of other things I need to commit to are my kids. Just little things like, homework with John Connor. He hates it and I need to commit to figuring out how to make it better for him. I need to commit to be a good role model for Emma....she watches EVERY single move I make! She wants new jeans....just like mine. She said mine aren't baggy like hers.....uh, hey cute, little, skinny girl! that's because I could stand to lose a few...or buy a bigger size! ugh You get it, just make sure I am the person I want her to be.....

While I'm at it, I will commit to a few things that are so easy. I commit to eating chocolate as often as I can! I commit to going to the beach at least once a month and more during warmer months! I commit to having fun!