Monday, May 19, 2008

Photo issues

Why am I always losing stuff? I opened iphoto today to download the pics you see above and found that over 6000 were missing! OMG! What in the world? I started freaking out and skyped Brad. He kinda made me feel like I had done something stupid and that's why they were gone.........what a brat! I found them on my hard drive....yay! But why oh why aren't they in the iphoto? I tried to import them in again and it says they are already there? Does anyone out there know how to get them back in?

I played a tennis match tonight. I.......well, WE got beat. Daphney is so fun to play with, but, the girl can't hit a volley to save her life! We had a great time and I guess that's what is important. ha!

Came home had some delicious chicken off the Green Egg. It was delicious! We are watching Rules of Engagement. Funny show. They were talking about scrapbooking! how funny is that?
pretty funny........

Life seems pretty boring over here today. I should make tomorrow more fun! I'll try that.......

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