Sunday, May 25, 2008

most inspiring

I just remembered how much I love Anthropologie. I need to get on their mailing list. I used to go to the one at the Summit all the time. I don't ever go shopping anymore! So sad. I LOVE the one in SoHo (NYC not Homewood!). It is a beautiful store. I want the floors that are in that place and I would love to have all the furniture, too! They really think a lot of it. It's a little too pricey! So, I checked out the site tonight and was so inspired immediately! I hope I doesn't send me up to the Summit tomorrow! I do not need to be spending money, right now! But look at this's so adorable! I could wear this dress.......everyday! No kidding. Look at this cute top.... the detail is so cute! Oooh, I love this one! The color green is so fun and look at those braids.....I may have to go look at this.

I tried to post the pictures here. But it wouldn't let me save them. So, sorry about having to go to another site. Sometimes that is annoying!
Lot's of good stuff over there. I signed up for the mailer. It's always very inspiring!

We had a great time at the lake yesterday. That place is beautiful! We played on the lot that has a waterfall. There is a creek that runs through the lot and then the waterfall drops into a little pool that feeds into the lake. It is picture perfect! Yes, I took pictures!

Uncle Buff cooked hamburges, hotdogs and ribs for EVERYONE! They were delish. He's always good on the grill! The kids played at the waterfall. Wow, what a great spot. I could live there forever!
This is in the creek on the way to the waterfall. The kids had so much fun discovering all the cool things in the creek. Emma wasn't too excited about the mud. She likes Smith Lake because it's not "muddy". Her cousins said she was high maintenance! How dare they? Then I heard them singing that song "she got it from her mama", you know the one by Will.I.Am. Ha, I don't think so! Just don't ask my husband! I probably am a little. I try not to be.........kinda ;-)!

The big sale is next weekend. If you are looking for lake property. I think this is the best place in Alabama, right now. There are not many people there and it is GORGEOUS! It's like this hidden little gem in Clanton! Here's the website if you want to check it..........So proud of my hubby. He's so good at finding beautiful pieces of property and making them livable! I like it when he finds it for other people. Not me! I don't want to move........again! uh-oh.....i think that sounds a little "high maintenance". oh well.


  1. LOVE the stuff you listed at Anthropologie. They actually have a really great sale going on right now...I got the CUTEST sweater (for winter) for $10. I was shocked. I think I even liked it in the catalog when it was new and never got it. Now, its mine for only $10! Don't worry...I spent much more than that at the store Saturday nite : D

  2. the bag and dress are really you and the little tee is precious - i would love that!!! cute stuff!! will i be in trouble if i tell you i've never been in that store? yikes??

  3. LOVE that store. Love that bag, too. And thanks to you I found Katie B's blog again...
    Hey, when does the kit thing start? I need a kit like I need a hole in my head, but you know I want one. Like yesterday.