Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged....

This means I have to tell you 6 random things about me.

I am inspired by the one that picked me.....Katie

1. I, like Katie, am on the hunt for the perfect lip color. I had the perfect one. Bobbi Brown lipshine in Sunkissed. It was a Summer color about 2 years ago and I have bought everyone that I could find. I am now down to my last tube and it will be gone very, very soon. I can't find anything else I like as well. Everything is too pink on me...even the new Bobbi Brown brown lipstick I had in my pocket at Wrapper's Delight. So sad.

2. I also return most of my purchases from Anthropologie. I love to walk in that store. It has to be one of the most inspiring stores ever. I will always remember the first one in SOHO so many years ago. I want to wear those big heavy's just not practical in Alabama! I came VERY close to buying a journal from 1940something for $14 the other day! I probably can find it in a thrift store for $1.00...Hello!

3. I love Facebook...I feel like a stalker, but it's ok, because everyone else is, too!

4. I, like my friend, Virginia, do not like blinds. She pulls hers up every morning. I do not have ANY! No blinds on any window in my house.......let the light shine in!

5. I need to go to the beach......It's been almost 6 weeks!

6. one more???? I am going to Fred Astaire Dance Studio next Thursday night! Anyone want to join me?

Maybe this was more of a take off of someone else's randomness.....that's pretty random.

I am supposed to tag other people......Ashlee, Mindy, Misty, and Carol


  1. Oh man, would I love to not have blinds in my house!! My husband is the exact opposite of me and wants them closed all the time. He is convinced that our lives must be so interesting that people are spying in on us from the street. (Well, I'm exagerrating a bit on that, but he does think people can see in.)

    We actually kind of bicker about it on the weekends sometimes, because he'd like them closed much earlier than I would during the late afternoon. Hehe

  2. I've got to hear more about the Fred Astaire dance studio. How did you get on that train?