Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stitching Smoking Glue Guns

Always.....food! Amanda and Krista prepared a delicious mexican menu including yummy margaritas!!

I was a few minutes late, as usual and Lori fixed me up a FULL drink! It was overflowing! 

Anyone need a needle? I picked these up at DWS one day. You never know what you will find there! I love how impressed they are with that needle and thread! :-)

The pile of chevron fabric to choose from. We are making pillows! Each month, Ashlee and I try to thing of something fun and functional for the craft. We also like to find something that is a challenge. This month, hand-stitching. Some brought a pillow from home and others ran to the local craft supply store for a blank pillow case. We had a large variety of designs. The state of Alabama was our inspiration. Some cut lots of individual fabrics and pieced it all together, while others took one fabric and printed a pattern on the silhouette. We had initials, numbers, Alabama, and one person did a question mark! I love the variety that comes out of this group. Not sure why but we didn't get a group photo. I only have 3 samples and one is the craft for May!

A sneak peek into what we are doing for May. Can you say statement necklace?


  1. That necklace! Can't wait to see what you come up with. You have even inspired me to finish the one that I started yonks ago.

  2. Love the retro needle package. Your projects look so fun!