Saturday, June 15, 2013

Privacy: Doors Made into a Fence?

Old doors are pretty easy to come by. You can find them at architectural antique stores {Southern Accents is my favorite!} or the Habitat for Humanity might even find them on the side of the road....literally.

I found all of these images on Pinterest and love the variation, but the single goal is to keep something in or out. Do you junk? This might be just for you!

You will find this door/fence outside the studio of Cranberry Press in New Mexico. Who wouldn't want to see what's behind door number........3?

 This would be a great idea for an event space. You can put up and take down the doors pretty easily and quickly.

I love this one. The hanging flower baskets add a lot of character. I think Hansel and Gretel may get a wall of doors very soon!

This one caught my eye because of the color. Finding doors that are the same height might be a problem, but these are very uniform and, yet, have their own personality.

You may remember the Southern Makers Event that I helped with the set design. 

We had a fence of doors, we also covered the dumpster with doors, shutters, vents and scoreboards! It's so fun to use these architectural pieces. They add lots of character to your space and don't have to be permanent!


  1. Gosh! These are adorable! We don't have fences in our neighbourhood but if we did...I know what I'd like.

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