Friday, March 28, 2014

Stamp My Logo


I get compliments on my jewelry, aka Lucy's Lockets, almost daily. I am continuously humbled each time and go through the whole, this? oh, yea, I made this, but…….. Because I don't know how to take a compliment and all.

The other thing that happens almost immediately after is someone telling me my business card, because I just handed them one to check out my website, is they tell me it's the coolest business card they've ever seen. They want to know where I had them made. I love my business cards and I get to say, I made them!!

I love the fact that everything I do with my brand is hand made. I do not make the burlap bags because they are like 25 cents each on I do stamp them, though!


To make the business cards, I cut out the shape from extra thick chipboard from Accucut, because I love extra thick chipboard. It makes my business card feel like a lot more than a business card. Then, I take my stamps that I ordered from and a pad of Stazon ink and start stamping away. I have one stamp of my logo and I had a graphic designer set up all the info on another .jpeg that has my email, phone number, website and all the social media buttons. So, I stamp the logo on one side and the other info on the other!


 It's super easy to order the stamp. You need a .jpeg file of your stamp image. Mine is black and white, so that's easy. If yours isn't, it will tell you that it's going to change it to a black and white image for best results. The color will be the stamp pad you choose!! There are lots of sizes to choose from. You need to determine what you are stamping and if you need a business card size or different one. I am ordering a smaller logo stamp to stamp my logo and website address on the tags for my Lucy's Lockets.

Currently I stamp my business cards, my burlap bags and tags for packaging. I also stamp the back of the Lucy's Lockets cuffs. When I drop my kids off at ski camp, I stamp their foreheads. (haha, just kidding, but what a great idea, huh?) It's seriously the best $25 I've ever spent!


When you see my brand, I want you to know it's mine. I use kraft colored paper and burlap bags. I have a casual, industrial type brand. I think it's making it's way for people to know it when they see it. I love that I've had several friends text me and tell me they've seen Lucy's Lockets in stores. They felt like the jewelry was familiar and then they saw my name on the tags! Branding is so important if you are working on developing a business. You have to teach the consumer to recognize it when they see it. Think of all the big brands. You may not even see the name of the brand, just the colors and you know. i.e. McDonald's, Coca-Cola, or Apple to name a few!

I hope this helps you determine whether a stamp will work for you. I honestly picked a stamp because I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted my business cards to look like. They are so expensive to buy boxes of them and then change your mind on what you want them to look like. My way takes a little extra time, but I have never handed over a business card that someone didn't say they loved it or that they have seen this before (and it was mine)! It's the first impression. Make it a good one!

I've helped a few other companies with stamps. Alan Matthews Photography uses one for his marketing packaging. Southern Accents Architectural Antiques uses them for many uses now, but I started by stamping on blocks of wood to use as ornaments, calling cards, coasters or whatever cool use you can come up with.


  1. I'm thinking about getting some stamps for my business cards, and I was wondering what size stamp you ordered to make yours? I LOVE the idea and yours are just so adorable!! Our website is in case you want to check us out!

    Thank you!

  2. You are very clever, and I really like the items in the last photo!