Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer seems to have already passed me by....

and I have only been to the beach once!!! How can this have happened? I think it's called a JOB. Huh, that's right, I decided I wanted to be a working sahm. Ha! I am heading there this weekend. We haven't been for the 4th of July since we have had kids. I know it is going to be crAzY! Sandestin is a pretty popular spot and for the 4th, we may not be able to move on the beach or at Baytowne. The best thing about this is that my children will not be coming until Saturday or Sunday. Whew! I don't know if I could keep up with them over such a busy holiday weekend! John Connor is a treasure hunter and likes to find seashells by the seashore. So, he wanders around until he finds treasures. That makes for a mom who has to keep her eyes peeled constantly. That is really hard when there are sooo many people to watch! You know there will be some characters there this weekend. I can't wait! I also have a new book to read, The Art of French Kissing.......thanks to Amy Tan. It is really cute. I started it yesterday and am halfway finished. I am trying not to finish before I leave. I did buy a couple of extra books, just in case!

You are probably thinking, "didn't she just say that her kids were gone for a week?", and now she is going to the beach without them? Yes, I did. and yes, I am. I do feel guilty, but come on, I need to go to the beach without my kids........just for a couple of days! They will be there on Sunday and we will hang out with Nannie and PawPaw for a couple of days. Hopefully, the crazy's will all have gone home!

Big month coming up. I had hoped it would be a laid back end to the summer, but it is jam packed with stuff! fun stuff, at least. I am going to Atlanta to market and then CHA in Chicago! I can't wait for that. I can't wait for the 25th of the month. I am going to Ross Bridge! For a girls weekend. A free weekend for me. They are having a FAM, which is a familiarization weekend, for girls only! I was invited to check out the place! I can't wait! I will get a massage and pj's and be pampered.......all for FREE! Of course, they will try and talk me into having an event there. I mean, who says we can't? Right? You never know......

I also had GREAT news about John Connor's teacher for 1st grade! Emma and I had a little party. John Connor was pretty excited, too! It makes me ready for school to start. I can't believe it's only 5 1/2 weeks. CRAZY, I know.

Watching a little Wimbledon. I love that they all wear white! It's so preppy. Such a tennis thing. I love the difference between Wimbledon and the US Open. At the US Open they pull out all the stops and are very dramatic in their selections. Federer wore all black last, shirt, socks, shorts and headband. He looked GOOD! Sharapova had on that red dress with sequins on would never see that at Wimbledon! I love it! I tend to see fashion EverYwherE! So inspiring.

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  1. Hi Lucy, I don't think it's so bad to be away from the kids, especially if they are ok without you. Both of you need "me" time. :) Can't wait to hear about Atlanta and CHA in Chicago. That Ross Bridge deal is EXCELLENT! Hmmm, wonder if I can convince them that I'm interested in maybe having our company Christmas party there this year? ;) Have fun at the beach!