Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Street Resale

I am a procrastinator. I'm also crazy busy. I seem to have time to sit here and research facebook marketing on Mashable for the past 2 hours. ugh. my priorities are wacky!

Ok, so I am moving into a booth in Pelham tomorrow! I have a ton of stuff that I've been "collecting" for awhile and decided when we moved, I might need to sell some of it! It's a really cute place over on Hwy. 31. The kids and I were eating at McAllister's a couple of months ago and we walked in to check it out. I could tell from the outside that I would love it.

Rachel and Bo are the owners and they are adorable! They have lots of space and really awesome vendors! I decided I should take the plunge. I'm not very good about execution. I have great ideas and rarely follow through with them. I signed up for September and then, you know, we moved. I pretty much left a huge space open at the store for a month. After talking to Rachel via email the past few days and Bo on the phone today, I decided to get my butt in gear and get some things over there! I'm winging it. I have an idea of what I'm taking. I just have no idea of how I will style it to make it look like a million bucks! I have this issue of things looking a certain way.....or not doing it at all. I really can't wait. I hope it will turn into something and I can have that extra cash I need to stop in at Anthropologie every once in awhile!

Go like their facebook page! You can tell them I sent ya and then get in there and buy something!!


  1. ahhh. Mashable. The black hole where I disappear on a regular basis. I'm currently in a class where we are learning how to design and teach an online course at the college level. We have to maintain a blog about the course and we do research on different aspects of online learning every week. I've actually enjoyed the course, but I'm spending way too much time ONLINE researching about ONLINE. Mashable is my friend.