Thursday, October 25, 2012

Framing Collage at the Hansel and Gretel House

 This wall was one of the first accomplishments after the move-in. I had two of my favorite decorating volunteers come over one day, Brandy and Laura.  I was still working with the electrician or the painter or the carpenter or maybe all of them!  I was so thankful. I mean, I couldn't have done this myself! I was non-making decision mode when it came to hanging pictures. They gathered all of these precious baby pictures and ran with it. Oh my, I absolutely love what they did! I was no where to be found while they were hanging. They didn't even ask me before they hung one thing. When it came time to fill in some of the holes, I took them out to the barn and we dug around for some pieces to hang. Actually, I think everything you see in this picture was there when I turned the corner. I could not believe they hung all of this and it looked so perfect! I think Laura used some Pinterest inspiration for the layout. I would have just nailed it up and moved it around! There would have been a million holes...eeek!

This house is built out of lots of wood! See this wall? Wood. The ceiling? Wood. I love this pattern of the wood for this wall. This house was built in the late 50's. This particular wall was part of the addition in the 60's. Nailing in this wall was not easy. At least we didn't have to search for a stud!

 I can't believe my kids were ever this small. That's not true.  I can remember how sweet they were. I do miss them at this age! 

That clock...I love it! Picked it up from Barney at Stray Cats several months ago!

This is a great shot of the whole wall. The staircase? It's huge! It came out of a courthouse. Man, have I told you how much I love this house? It has so much character!

I'm heading to Hendersonville, Tennesse on Friday. Get to meet up with Tracy and Leigh, again. We are going to the Vintage Marketplace. They are having a Tailgate-Music Antiques Show. I can't wait! One of my favorite Facebook shops will be there. Do you follow City Farmhouse? Swoon. It's amaze!


  1. That is sooo adorable! Love the scroll woodwork under the stairs!

    1. Thank you soooo much! I love the staircase, too! It's so wide and easy to carry furniture up and down ;)

  2. Hi Lucy! I do love your wall - you've sure done a beautiful job with it. That planking is gorgeous - wow! I really liked that clock too and it looks perfect there. I've GOT to Pin this too, it's a keeper!

  3. What character! That herringbone planked wall is to simply DIE for! And are those plaster walls? I've always dreamed of living in a house like that. But I imagine the upkeep is crazy, huh?

    It's so gorgeous... And Janel is right... the scroll work is amazing!

  4. Love that clock! Your house looks kind of like how my house feels. Does that makes sense? I think one of the last renovations must have happened around when your house was built. Looks great!

  5. Lucy,
    This is the house I grew up in:)
    My sister sent your blog to me today and we are delighted to see how much you love the house our father built. I live in Chicago now but my dad, sister and brother are all in the birmingham area. We must get together sometime soon, you would love to hear the stories of the home. The baby footprint in the enryway is my foot:)