Friday, November 2, 2012

Lucy Lockets Re-stocking Event!

I've been making a few necklaces! I always get compliments on my Lucy Locket's. I was at Anthropologie today at a Holiday Workshop. I was a little disappointed when I realized I was working on their holiday display and not going to be taking something home. 2 hours later......ha! It was fun! I did learn how to make a cute garland, a polar bear and some add-ons for gifts! I took several photos and lots of notes. I hope to get a DIY tutorial up soon! Bug me about it if it doesn't happen! ;)

As I was sitting there hot-gluing and burning my fingers and asking a million questions, the girls noticed my necklace. They wanted to know what it was. A hinge. Where did I get it? I made it. Wow, they loved it! I told them about my scavenger hunt of finding cool pieces all over the place...yes, on the ground and in the dirt! This one is a favorite. It's the color and the rust and I think the simplicity that makes it special. It's not for sale. It's my private collection! #hathatsoundsofficial

What did happen was I got home and pulled out the little zip lock bags I had packed last week and started making Lucy Lockets! I made 5! I was making a 6th one and couldn't get it to look good. Decided it was time to walk away! This making little bags of parts is working for me! I have a spot at Greystone Antiques and am going to drop these and a few others I already had made up off tomorrow. If you are over that way, stop in and check them out! They are in a closed case by the front. Should be pretty easy to find!

I also LOVE to make necklaces for people. I have a customer coming by next week to make one (or two) because her husband gave her a gift card! It's a great gift for you or someone on your list! I would love for you to bring any trinkets or charms you may have that mean something to you. I have customers that have used skeleton keys from their grandparents house or brooches that belonged to a special loved one. We can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want!

Take a look at the Etsy shop for some ideas. I also have several jewelry organizers there. This is something I love doing! I find lots of architectural pieces and we can make something that would work for your jewels!

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. She is becoming a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of her!
This photo was taken by Beth Bryan

 She's second from the left


  1. Lucy, I adore the second one from the top! I love them all, but wow that one is SO fantastic. Do you have an etsy store? Please let me know and I'll stick you on my blog sidebar!

    Happy birthday sweet Emma! I am so glad I could snap that pic of those cute girls! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is just the best idea ever! You're so clever. For real, I'm not just saying it. :)

  3. Go Beth! And I love your lockets! They are amazing, Lucy...

  4. You don't need to point your daughter on the picture. She's a chip of the old block ahahahah charming and sweet looking like her Mamma.

    I like the necklace with the clock. I like to get lost in the details ia a necklace and that's one of the kind that appeals to me. I'm always envious of creative people like you, that see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    Love it! Happy Birthday to Emma... oh, to be 13 again. That's an amazing Grace.